i made this website to be a little more of a positive pokemon review blog.

I'm not going to tackle reviews with the intention or idea that any pokemon just inherently suck, or that any at all need fixed. I'm really not fond of that attitude of thinking you should/can "fix" something that doesn't need fixing.

Basically, this will be a more positive reviews blog to read on, and know your favorite is in absolutely no danger of me saying it sucks or needs fixed.

However, of course I'm going to have my personal biases and pokemon I like more than other, but the lowest rating is 1, which is neutral -- I'm truly pretty neutral on the majority of pokemon.


I work on these in alphabetical order (not dex order)! it's to make it easier on me.

additionally, there may be broken images--these are for as-of-yet-unreleased pokemon (usually from the DLC).

Extra Information

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